Huff n' Puff SFA
"Because for us, life is not a spectator sport!"

Membership Fees

Type Description Total Dues

** Dues include HST

Membership expires one (1) year from the date that you join and is not based on a calendar year. A renewal reminder is either emailed or mailed out the month before dues are due.

Some of the activities have an additional fee/charge on top of the membership fee. A complete list of all activites and their info can be found on the Activities page

If you wish to become a Member of Huff N' Puff SFA and you are in your 55th year or older, you can download the Membership Application form. Fill it out and either mail it, bring into the office or drop it in our mailbox (near the front desk of NLOCC).

Please include your payment by cheque or money order ONLY. We do accept Interac payments if you come into the office.

Mailing address;
Huff N' Puff Senior Fitness Association
North London Optimist Community Center
1345 Cheapside Street
London, ON N5V 3N9

Code of Conduct (as outlined in HnP Policy 100-3)

The Association, wishing to provide a pleasant, comfortable, and safe atmosphere for all members establishes the following code of conduct for all members.
  1. Each member shall:
    1. Show general politeness to all concerned.
    2. Refrain from using profane language.
    3. Not use aggressive behaviour
  2. Members failing to follow the above code of conduct may be subject to the following reprimands.
    1. The offending member will be warned by the convenor(s) and if the problem is considered serious enough a Letter of Concern will be sent to the Board.
    2. A committee of the Board will decide what action will be taken.
  3. These actions may include:
    1. A letter of reprimand.
    2. A suspension from one or more activities.
    3. A meeting with the Board Committee.
    4. Removal from the membership. (as outlined in Policy 100 - 1 Sub Section 8)

Basic Activities

Surcharged Activities