Huff N’ Puff Senior Fitness Association
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November 23, 2017
In Memoriam

Please be aware that this Memory Wall was approved and created in October 2014 and contains the names of Huff N’ Puff members who have sadly passed since that date. While it would be impossible to go back 26 years without missing someone important to our organization, please know that every member lost will be sadly missed...

Roy Bowman
Marcel Verreth
Frank Bible
Arthur James Herbert
Julia Otani
Peter Brown
Ron Bourne
Robert Kew
William MacKay
Marjory Mooney
Laurel Elaine Westman
Gord Gallagher
John Doskas
Ken Phillipson
Brian Dennis
Jack Lutman
Murray Turner
Robert Gordon (Bob) Steele
William (Bill) Benn
William Anthony (Tony) Ward
Kaye Matie Harries
Jane Sowa
George King
Howard Henderson
Russell Conley
Barbara Moss
James Duddy
William Cleland
Welly Garber
Helen Brown
William (Bill) Reeves
Bruce Heighway
Don Wolfe
Bob Geddes
Len Lacey
Arthur Dilley
Mary Nagata
Evlynne Loubert
Brian Ronald Logie
Stan Bohac
Harold "Dutchy" Doerr
John Nipp
Stan Burditt
John Nagata
Michael Sonier
Elvira Machado
Leo Maloney
Mabel Ste. Marie
Mary Finkbeiner
John Doskas
Jim Noyes
Doris Edmunds
Robert Gee
Linda Wanamaker
Ronald Lawrance
Margaret Rubio
Marjo Knight
Peter Howe
Cliff Simpson
Judith Mitchell